How To Get A Man To Marry You

Does the question of how to get a man to marry you pose so much of a problem to you? There are millions of women in relationships who feel frustrated with their guy because the relationship isn't moving forward toward marriage. Getting a man to marry you is a highly emotional problem especially for many of those women who have invested years in relationships that are getting nowhere.

Earlier this year, a royal wedding was witnessed by millions of people all over the world. Kate Middleton, a commoner, was successful in landing her Prince Charming, no less than the future King of England, to the altar. A lot of women dream of duplicating her success in a relationship. How about you? Don't you also wish you can be as successful in getting your man to marry you?

A woman has to undergo a process of  several steps in her quest to land that coveted ring on her finger, among them;

1] Knowing ways to get a guy to notice you. Obviously, that's the first step in starting a relationship.
2] Getting him interested in you once you get his attention.
3] How to keep him interested in you is your next move to build up the relationship.
4] Getting him to commit to a relationship.
5] Knowing how to keep a man in love to sustain the relationship.
6] Getting him to propose

These steps are easier said than done. There are things to be done and things to avoid. Done improperly, you may either not progress to the next step, or see your guy pull away, and you'll keep wondering what went wrong.

Also, in getting a man to commit to a relationship, you should get inside his mind to know what men want in a woman, and what men want in a relationship. This will give you an idea why men won't commit to a relationship.

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